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Melody Golding is an author, photographer and artist living in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of American History Archives Center acquired her solo documentary exhibit; Katrina: Mississippi Women Remember and also her documentary photography and oral history project on Panther Tract: Wild Boar Hunting in the Mississippi Delta. Her photographs are on display in the Congressional Hearing Room at the Department of Homeland Security and have been featured in solo exhibitions at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., and at numerous universities, colleges and museums.

Melody's three books published by The University Press of Mississippi are; Katrina; Mississippi Women Remember, Panther Tract; Wild Boar Hunting in the Mississippi Delta and Life Between the Levees will be released spring 2019. Her photography has also been published by The John Hopkins University Press, Journal of Women's Studies.

Her work has been featured and published by the Royal Photographic Society Awards Journal,
London England.

Her work is in private and public collections and she has written for various statewide publications.

Melody received her BFA from Mississippi State University.


Artist Statement

"I try to capture in my work a sense not only of timelessness but also of grace. To convey an observance of order out of the usual chaos of visual forms. God has given me this gift to share what I see in this world both as a patient and ardent observer, and as a participant in what I see, with the camera being the conduit of expression in my photography. For me, photography is a visual communication that is an adventure absolutely fueled by relentless challenge. When the photography and adventure become one, the experience is exponential."

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